Fall Colors Mean Clean the Gutters

Fall Colors Mean Clean the Gutters

Protect Your Home with Gutter Cleaning and Guards

Few things are more beautiful than the bursts of colorful leaves that come with the arrival of fall.   And that is especially true in the Smoky Mountains. While the peaks and valleys provide us year round scenery, those scenes become ‘breathtaking’ when turning from colors of green to numerous hues of red, orange and yellow. When your first thought is to pull out their camera, ours is to load up the truck!

Autumn is one of the times each year that we focus on reminding homeowners to protect their homes and investments from the damages that can result from clogged gutters by scheduling a gutter cleaning and gutter guards installation.   While those Maple reds, Sycamore yellows and Sweet Gum oranges look great on the limbs, they make a nasty mess in your gutters and downspouts which could lead to costly damages.

When falling leaves land on rooftops and gather in gutters – along with seeds, sticks, pine needles and shingle debris – they create several issues. Some of those issues are:

Damages from Clogged Gutters1) Clogged downspouts:  Clogged downspouts prevent your gutters from channeling water away from your home. The result may be water flowing over the top of the gutter and landing on your deck or walkway, making its way to the foundation. Or, water may seep between your gutter and roof fascia, also making its way to your foundation.

2) Heavy gutters:  When gutters become packed with wet leaves and debris, they get heavy. The weight of the gutter can over time result in the gutter spikes becoming loose and allowing the gutter to pull away from your fascia. This creates space for water to reach your fascia and soffit where wood deterioration and rot can result.

3) Deck mildew and mold: Water overflowing clogged gutters can create mildew and mold problems on your deck. The wood becomes slick, stained and ugly, and can even rot without care.

4) Concrete mildew and mold: Just like your deck boards, concrete can become slick and unsightly when mildew and mold are allowed to build up.  Too much moisture underneath can create opportunities for settlement cracks.

Ultimately, no gutter guards and clogged downspouts prevent your guttering system from doing its job, which is to direct water – rain and melting snow – away from your home’s foundation, roof, and soffit and fascia. Gutter guards and bi-annual gutter cleaning are the keys to ensuring that water is going where it’s supposed to and not where it isn’t.

Call us at (865) 696-7512 to schedule an inspection and cleaning.  Need gutter guards? Gutter cleaning is included with all gutter guard installation orders.

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